What You Need to Know About a Subliminal Message

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Subliminal is defined as the threshold that is below the consciousness. A subliminal message refers to the signals or symbols embedded in another medium that is designed to influence the subconscious part of the mind. It may positively or negatively influence the many thoughts of the mind which includes behavior, the actions we do, the attitude we show, the beliefs and its system on how it works and the value system. The word subliminal came from the Latin word sub meaning under and limen meaning threshold.

Many multi-dollar companies still include hidden messages during their TV ads despite the many claims that it is false having no effect. Although scientist are still reluctant to confirm or deny this issue, companies having enormous TV ads budget have still deliberately included certain words and visual images onto their advertisements.

A subliminal message may freely give multi-billion dollar companies a boost in media hype but this strategy is not only limited to this advertising moguls who are trying to get people buy another can of cola. This can also be employed to make serious and drastic changes towards own lives.

Subliminal messaging simply refers to the act of sending hidden but direct messages to the subconscious mind, the part that controls almost everything - from our own memory to body temperature up to providing the conscious mind with different information and trait. The subliminal made tremendous headlines during the late 70s when many advertisers heard the rumors and began infusing hidden messages to their commercial ads, some hidden messages simply last for a couple of seconds that nobody even notices them. Yet sales boosted mysteriously.

Even Hollywood joined the rumors. One celebrity actually included his subliminal on one of his movie. These suggestions were having tremendous impact all over that United Stated government nearly banned the incorporation of hidden messages to all TV ads and other commercial props. Some TV ads were banned from airing because of this. Countries such as United Kingdom, Australia and the Canadian government also made a ban order preventing TV ads with subliminal messages from airing, but because the issue created a gigantic spur, the news spread fast - and individual were beginning to realize the potential of subliminal as treatment and as a self-help tool.

Some forms of subliminal messages include a text or a graphical representation message that is shown to the audience for a short period of time. The duration is so fast that audience would not notice the image and may even claim they never saw such image. Screen-savers are among the popular media for hidden messages. Imaginaries infuse in media such as video or publications that are used as watermarks or certain pose. Before, it was said that the Disney Company became involved in such act adding hidden messages in their early images. Audio messages that are recorded in high ranging that go beyond the audible perception for human beings. Also in the field of developing ones personality and self growth, delivering a subliminal message can be of great use.

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What You Need to Know About a Subliminal Message

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This article was published on 2010/03/28