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A few weeks ago, while vacationing with my family in Park City, I injured my low back ice-skating with my daughter Jenna.  It was quite painful and required me to lay low for a couple of days.  I watched a few movies, did some reading and caught up on emails.  Some of the email promotions really "pulled me in" and got my full attention, while I found others far less interesting, causing me to leave the promotion quickly.  What was the difference?  What caused me to "linger" or "leave"?  This got me thinking about how Smart Women have a clear marketing message.

With all of the information we receive each day, it's critical that you keep your message simple and easy to understand.  Getting laser clear on who benefits from your product or service (i.e. your ideal client) is key to your success.  When your ideal client reads your marketing message, you want them to understand quickly how you can help them.

Here are three tips to help you hone your message to your ideal client and ensure that when they open your email, letter, postcard or video they understand what you have to offer is exactly what they need:

1.  Offer Specific Benefits – You can go to Google or other search engines and obtain almost any "general" information you want online.  The days of offering "general" information and getting paid well for it are over.  In your marketing message, you need to share specific benefits or outcomes that your ideal client will get when they work with you or use your product.  Remember "WIIFM." (What's In It For Me?)  Your client has a problem and they want it solved.  Period.  I found myself "lingering" on promotions that were clear how their program or service could help me.

2.  How does it work? –
Be very clear about how your program or service works.  Is it by phone?  In-person?  Online?  Let them know when the program begins, how long it will last and what they can expect.  If they can visualize your process, it will make it easier for them to make a decision.

3.  Make it a "no-brainer" –
When you have an offer, make it easy for them to buy or sign-up right now on the spot.  Give them clear instructions on how to contact you or your team for more information.  I found myself attracted to certain promotions when I had easy to follow instructions on how to take the next step.

That afternoon, lying on the sofa reading my emails was a helpful exercise.  It gave me time to pause and reflect on my own marketing message and discover how I can serve women entrepreneurs more effectively.  I invite you to schedule some time for this as well.  It will make a huge difference in your marketing message, which in turn means more of your ideal client and greater income.  

Anything is possible.  Everything is waiting for you.


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Smart Women Have a Clear Message

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This article was published on 2010/09/25