Incoming Short Message On The Phs Network Analysis Of The Success Rate

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Abstract: PHS network and the success rate of incoming short message flow, based on short message model and performance results of the mass text message to the PHS network success rate of incoming and recommend a reasonable time to select the SMS group sending to reduce the impact of network load.

Keywords: PHS; incoming call success rate; short message; traffic model; performance statistics

1, the success rate of incoming

Success rate is an incoming call can objectively reflect the real side of network synthesis PHS wireless network quality indicator, defined as: the success rate of incoming = incoming confirmation number / number of incoming accepted.

1.1 times to accept incoming

To accept incoming number is the maximum value of the same PA (entry call message is sent to all base stations with a PA, so all the base stations in PA to take the maximum you can), shown in Figure 1.

1.2 to confirm the number of incoming

Incoming call to confirm times: all the base stations with a PA in the total value of inbound confirmation, as shown in Figure 2.

2 short message traffic model 2.1 short message called process

Called short message flow shown in Figure 3, can be seen from the short message call flow and call flow as normal, another track was found by PHS35C Send PM if road when assigned TCH. This suggests that the short message and the general call success rate as there is impact on the incoming.

2.2 short message traffic model

(1) consider the case of bulk SMS traffic model

A. Short Message Service: 2 / client / day

B. Use short message service ratio: 50%

C. System re-issued factor: 30% D. Busy concentration factor: 0.1

E. Down every customer BHSM = 1 × 1.3 × 50% × 10% = 0.065BHSM

(2) consider the case of bulk SMS traffic model

A. The group calling SMS, short message in all of our customers within 2h to send short message

B. The proportion of customers using SMS: 80%

C. No retransmission D. Down every customer BHSM = 1 × 80% / 2 = 0.4BHSM;

3 incoming short message on the success rate of

3.1 Analysis of call traffic model

(1) does not consider the bulk case

10,000 people for one of the largest PA, busy times when the short message paging is: 0.065 × 10000 = 650 times; accounted for 8,000 times the ratio of paging indicators: 650/8000 × 100% = 8.13% ; can be seen, the general impact of the short message on the network is relatively small.

(2) consider the case of bulk

Still a human PA 10000, for example, then 1h under the PA for the short message paging frequency: 0.4 × 10000 = 4000 times; its 8000 times / h, the ratio of target: 4000/8000 × 100% = 50%. Short message can be seen a short time the group call on the wireless network of very large, especially when the system is busy and customer volume in the PA.

(3) short message on the voice of business

Assume the client is busy, the calling party, called the time, talk time for the 60s, the short message received when occupied by about 4s, busy times when the group call to send a short message to 1 / clients, then as group call short message to the occupier of TCH increase: (1 × 4) / (2 × 60) × 100% = 3.33%. Shows a short message on the TCH group call the occupation impact is relatively small, and therefore estimates of key short message group call to consider the impact on the PCH channel.

3.2 statistical analysis through performance

On July 5, 2004? 9, morning peak time (10:00-11:00) The total number of the whole network and all network paging average success rate of incoming statistics (Figure 4, Figure 5 shown), can be seen on July 6 that day than usual marked increase in the number of paging, while the incoming than usual success rate decreased significantly, from the short message center observed on July 6 has been in the busy bulk SMS 10:50 This shows the success rate of incoming bulk messages on the impact is more evident.

4 Conclusion Figure 6 is a whole network 24h total number of paging the trend chart, which indicates that in 10? 12 points, 16 points? 18 points, 20 points? 22 points higher among the pager number, then Most clients are in boot state, it is proposed mass text messages is better not to choose in this time slot, thus reducing the mass text messages on the network load, and can increase the success rate of our customers to receive text messages.

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Incoming Short Message On The Phs Network Analysis Of The Success Rate

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