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What is a subliminal message? Do you want to learn how to subliminal message? Subliminal messages are rampant in our day to day living. How does one know that you are being affected by the ones that you see each day? By first identifying what a subliminal message is, we can then decipher which ones are present in our environment and which ones we have evidently fallen for.

A subliminal message is said to be a message or a signal that is embedded in an unrelated medium, carefully designed to go through the normal boundaries of a human's perception. These messages cannot be recognized by the conscious mind, but can evidently affect the subconscious mind in either positive or negative ways. Subsequent later attitudes, behaviors, actions, and even belief systems may undergo substantial change because of this.

Subliminal messages have proven to be used in both visual and audio form.

This has been used heavily in advertisements to create instant familiarity with new products. Assessments have been made on whether subliminal priming of a drink brand name would affect a person's drink preference, and whether this is affected by the person's real feelings of being thirsty. After experimentation, it has been discovered that subliminal priming of the brand name worked quite effectively.

The audio technique called back-masking has gained quite a controversy during the golden age of rock and roll. In this technique, a track that is intended to be played forwards is embedded with sounds recorded backwards that produce messages that sounded like rubbish to the conscious mind. There has been an extensive study of therapeutic effects taken from audiotapes. It was conducted to see if these audiotapes would help raise self-esteem. Volunteers were given audiotapes and then completed post tests after a month of use. The study however showed clearly that subliminal audiotapes did not produce substantial effects to the recipients within a month's use.

There have been countless allegations that subliminal messages can be found in different forms of popular entertainment, such as the use of back-masking in rock and roll hits. Many of these messages were said to b e Satanic. For instance, the famous Led Zeppelin song entitles "Stairway to Heaven" when played backwards reportedly makes out Satanic words.

Although their ultimate effectiveness is still somewhat controversial and vague, people have been interested in how to subliminal message and have used them in movies, novels, and television shows.

So now you want to know how to subliminal message. It takes a painstaking process of carefully designing either an image or an audio that asserts your desired goal and then embedding it onto an unrelated medium. When using images on screen, it must only be shown on a fraction of a second. When working with audio, you must put it in a very low frequency that is seemingly unrecognizable. Subliminal messages, although it cannot be classified to be technical, proves to be a strategy that can be used in countless ways. The effects are mostly unpredictable, but the fact remains that it exists and may prove to be very essential in our daily living.

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How to Subliminal Message

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This article was published on 2010/03/28